2 years


Kotlin, PostgreSQL, PWA, React, TypeScript

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Project Start: July 30, 2021
Project End: May 5, 2023

Project Overview

Connect is a PWA application developed to optimize currency exchange, car rental, and Apple device purchases. The application is designed for businesses operating in various sectors: car rental, Apple device sales, e-commerce, currency exchange, and cryptocurrency.


The client approached us with the goal of launching a cross-platform mobile application to automate currency exchange operations with the potential for further project development if successful. We were tasked with:

  • Meeting a tight budget.
  • Launching an MVP within three months.
  • Increasing the number of automated and successful transactions to 100 per month.
  • Providing ongoing support and development.


To meet the budget constraints, we proposed developing a PWA application with Telegram integration (for authentication, notifications, and other processes), as native solutions (iOS and Android) are quite expensive.

Given the complexity of the project with its numerous features and logic, we opted for Feature Slice Design architecture. This architecture offers well-structured documentation, making it easy to integrate new team members.

We employed technologies and tools including React, TypeScript, JavaScript, React Query, HTML, CSS, LESS, Webpack,, NodeJS, Sequelize, Docker, Kubernetes, Figma, GitHub, Playwright, ChatGPT, Cypress, Jest, Google Analytics, and Sentry.

Development Process

Given the project's scale, we adopted the Agile methodology.

Before starting, we divided the project into key modules (Payments, User, Currencies, Locations, Contacts, Deals, etc.) and conducted a high-level assessment of each module. We then created a Gantt chart, prioritizing each module and conducting detailed decompositions and estimations before starting work on each module.

At the end of each week-long sprint, we demonstrated the progress to the client.

During development, we collaborated closely with the CTO and Product Owner for project consultations.

We also prepared a technical specification and created a mockup design, breaking it down into blocks and wireframes, before commencing development.

Daily meetings with the team helped address emerging issues, discuss problems, and coordinate daily actions.

Sourcemap's Role

Our team assumed the role of the core development team, responsible for implementing, brainstorming, and evaluating project tasks coming from the Product Owner and CTO.


  • We gained 100 users in the first month.
  • Within a year, the number of users increased to 1,000.
  • Features for Apple device purchases (e-commerce solution) and car rentals were integrated, leveraging the existing transaction architecture.
  • Daily active users reached 300.