3 months


Kotlin, PostgreSQL, PWA, React, TypeScript

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Connect: Mobile application

Discover our mobile app development services tailored for P2P exchanges. Enjoy secure and seamless transactions on the go.

Project Objective

The client approached us with a request: to create a mobile application designed for peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges, enabling users to connect and transact directly with each other.

Implemented Solution

First, we analyzed the market and the general vision of the application. After, we presented and discussed several implementation options that promised both speed and cost-efficiency. Among then, we chose PWA - Progressive Web Application. That option ensured flawless operation and functioning across all mobile platforms and any web environment.

We successfully launched the MVP within 3 months. As the appetite for P2P exchanges burgeoned, we continued to evolve and expand the app's features to meet the growing user demand.