6 months


React, Webpack, CSS/SCSS, TypeScript

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FlowMapp: Website and dashboard creation

We assisted the client in releasing their application, starting with an analysis of the existing architecture and culminating in a successful launch and optimization.

Project Goal

The client contacted us with a simple yet challenging request: "Assist in deploying the application to production." The existing version was fraught with bugs, and the release of new features was very slow. This was preventing the team from going live release for nearly a year.

Solution Implemented

Upon joining the project, we embarked on a comprehensive analysis of the existing system architecture, which turned to be rather complex and tangled. Despite these complications, our immediate focus was to ensure the deployment of the product, with an eye towards future refinement of both the frontend and backend components. The project was successfully released on the planned time.

Following the successful launch, our team dedicated the next six months to rewriting and improving the client-side elements, setting the stage for the unveiling of version 3.