4 months


React, Next JS, Node JS, Strapi

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ShortCast: Enhancing the MVP

Discover how our team can enhance your MVP with innovative features and expert guidance.

Project Objective

We were approached with the problem of refining their MVP for a rapid transition to the beta release. Our goal was to enhance the screen recording functionality and integrate a flexible administrative panel, enabling the videos to be indexed by search engines.

ShortCast aims to upgrade remote work by offering a video note-making service, enabling users to record and share screen and camera videos with colleagues.

Solution Implemented

After conducting a detailed examination and considering various avenues for product development, we decided on a path that was both swift and economical – the creation of a Progressive Web App (PWA). This approach ensures that Shortcast operates smoothly on any mobile device and web interface. We managed to launch the MVP within an impressive timeframe of three months. As the platform's usage and the demand for peer-to-peer (P2P) communication began to escalate, we persistently advanced the app's capabilities to cater to the growing needs of our users.