5 months


React, TypeScript, JavaScript, React Query, HTML, CSS, LESS, Webpack,, NodeJS, Sequelize, Docker, Kubernetes

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Sanyok Calls - PWA development

PWA application with a unique algorithm for processing big data.

Project Overview

The "Sanek Calls" app is designed to facilitate meetings with new acquaintances. It helps users find new friends, choose a convenient time and location for meetings, and automates the invitation process. Users can complete a survey to help the app match them with compatible friends based on their interests and lifestyle.


The client approached us with an idea for their startup. The goal was to create an app for friendly introductions and networking. This required developing a unique algorithm for processing large datasets, as well as designing a custom app interface, avoiding pre-made UI kits.


After two weeks of discussions and auditing the tasks and goals, we proposed developing a PWA app MVP to mitigate financial risks and expedite project deployment.

We used technologies and tools including React, TypeScript, JavaScript, React Query, HTML, CSS, LESS, Webpack,, NodeJS, Sequelize, Docker, Kubernetes, Figma, GitHub, Playwright, ChatGPT, Cypress, Jest, Google Analytics, and Sentry. This combination allowed us to create a structured and documented system, facilitating implementation and ongoing product support. We avoided using overly niche technologies to prevent limitations and excessive project costs.

Development Process

Initially, the client didn't have a final vision for the complete functionality and design of the project, but they had assembled basic screens and understood which features and logic needed to be developed. Based on this information, the project was divided into stages, with each stage further broken down into sprints. Each sprint's tasks were thoroughly assessed at the beginning, and each stage was completed within 1-3 sprints.


The project was released within the set timeframe, only five months. The team is now launching a marketing campaign and creating a list of goals and tasks for developing the next version of the app.